Logo Design Contest

We had a contest with the high school at class to design our logo. Here is a write up on each of the girls.

2015-1st-Place-Logo1st place: Kelsey Graham

Kelsey just completed the 11th grade, she’s 17 years old, and was in Art II. She had a passion for art along with other extracurricular activities like sports. She plans to attend college when she graduates hoping to have a scholarship for track and field.

2015-2nd-Place-Logo-Both2nd place: Kianna Cox

Kianna has lived in Kingsley her entire life. She has always attended Kingsley Area Schools and she just completed the 11th grade. Her interests include music, computers, cosmology, and traveling. Her biggest interest, however, is art. She was in Art III and she loves to paint, preferably with her favorites, watercolor or acrylic. Even though she is still unsure what she wants to do for her future career, she is certain it will involve something to do with creative arts.